What can I say except...FUCKIN' BEAUTIFUL!!
Your morphs are amazing! Incredible! FANTASTIC!
Stunning and superb!
Your work is erotically excellent!
You are truly the Michaelangelo of muscle!
--eMail from fans
Love Grows Weary
Solitary Fairy
River God
Circle's Brother
The Pool of Power
Postcard from Olympus
Fairy Courting

Fairy Courting
Baths of Olympus
Baths of Olympus 2
Baths of Olympus Detail
Waiting for the God
The Potion Kicks In

Yow! Massive!
And He Knows It
Check These Out
In Your Dreams
Forest Hunk
Freakin' God
Big and Happy
Biiiiig Sissy
Man at Arms
Found in a Drawer
Just Hangin'
Gimme Some Room, Wimp
Self Absorbtion
Too Big to Be Real
What'er You Lookin' At?
Beach Bulge

Post-Workout Pump
Don't Bother Me, I'm Busy
  Intensity!!! Sun Feels Good
Sun Feels Good

The Back of the Comic Book 1

The Back of the Comic Book 2
Checkin' It Out
Food for Thought
In the Loft
The Biggest
Military Guy
Glutes of Doom
Superior Attitude
Pause for Reflection
Pause for Reflection

The Chess Club
Will & Kyle
Ben & Tricky
Josh & Jerome
The Ironheads
Vitabuff Academy

Eternal Employment Program
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Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats 6
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Audio Mixing Studio
Audio Mixing Studio